I am delighted you're taking some time to explore psychotherapy.  
When we work together I will support you through the amazing process of reframing your story.

Together we will witness the changes you make when you let go of limiting beliefs that have held you back from living the life you deserve, and when you have moments of clarity and shifts occur, we will build on those and identify them together.

The space we create together is safe, confidential and designed specifically with you in mind. I am so honoured to be part of your journey.

Every aspect of your life is a story, the story of your lived experience, stories you tell yourself, and stories others have projected onto you. Together we will uncover how each story has made an impact on your life.

During psychotherapy, I will be your fellow traveler, as we navigate the past and explore the future. We will identify your strengths, explore your dreams and discover ways to reframe your path so you are able to make healthy choices and build the life you want without fear. Your story is as unique as you are and your psychotherapy experience should be too. 

Individual Psychotherapy

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