My relationship with sleep over the years has been somewhat haphazard, to say the least, its fragmentation started when I had children. As with most new moms, sleep became a luxury, between breastfeeding and diaper changes. I found I became a “light” sleeper with a heightened awareness of the needs of this bundle of energy […]

The Power Of Sleep


Ever get bitten by the “what if?” gremlin? It is part of a cycle that feeds our self-doubt and leaves us feeling insecure. It’s a sneaky creature, slides up onto your shoulder just as you are about to go to sleep, give a presentation, go on a date, take a zoom meeting, just about any […]

What If?

Let's talk about stress

The recent social distancing has lead to a sense of loneliness in some resulting in depression, low mood and stress. As humans, we are built for connection and even the introverts can feel the impact the lack of connection has on their mental health. Stress signals our fight and flight response and releases the stress […]

Let’s Talk About Stress